The Professionals 

There are many factors that contribute to the successful purchase of real estate and you will need a team of experienced professionals in your corner that you can trust.

The Costs before the Close

Buying real estate involves several important inspections, and the costs add up.  For their own protection and to be confident in their purchase, buyers shouldn't cut corners to save money. 


It is important to be prepared for what lies ahead.

- The Appriasal

- NFIP Elevation Certificate

- Home Inspection

- Home Warranty

- HVAC Inspection

- Property Insurance

- Radon Inspection

- Survey

- Well/Water Inspection

- Wood Infestation

It's all Negotiable!

Closing and Inspection costs can be a point of negotiation between buyer and seller in an Offer to Purchase.  Sellers may agree to pay some or all of these costs if it benefits their interests.

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